An Aging India

An Aging India

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Explore Indian policy and practice on aging from a variety of perspectives! This pathbreaking collection provides something that has been missing in the literature on aging in India, especially for non-Indian audiences: studies of various aspects of aging in India combined with analyses of current policies, policy trends and recommendations. You'll examine aging issues from a variety of perspectivesa€”demographic foundations, social and family relations, economics, health and disability, current interventions, and advocacy and policy. An Aging India also provides you with up-to-date references, explanations of differences and similarities within India's diverse population, examples of programs in various settings including a geriatric hospital, a major NGO, and old-age homes, and an overview of the development of India's national policy on aging. Where appropriate, comparisons with U.S. policy approaches are noted. An Aging India: Perspectives, Prospects, and Policies examines: the demography of aging in India the current state of research on aging, and the pitfalls associated with that research income, poverty, and the problems created by the lack of any widespread retirement income system in India the health status of Indian elders and what their healthcare prospects are the situation for the disabled elderly in India elder abuse in the Indian context social networks and grassroots organizations for seniors in India the role of Indian geriatric hospitals and old-age homes The insights of the top researchers and practitioners who contributed to An Aging India: Perspectives, Prospects, and Policies will strike home with their counterparts around the world. Make this book a part of your professional/teaching collection today!In keeping with the tradition of family economic solidarity, the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act and the Hindu ... Parents are entitled to inherit the property of sons and daughters, irrespective of their claims for maintenance from their children. ... destitute elders in the late 19505 and 1960s; Uttar Pradesh was first in 1957, followed by Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. ... independence included a special tax benefit for elders age 65+ under the Income Tax Act of 1961 and the Payment ofanbsp;...

Title:An Aging India
Author:Phoebe S Liebig, S. Irudaya Rajan
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-12-19


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