An Introduction to Biostatistics

An Introduction to Biostatistics

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Anthology containing: Introduction Population and Sample variables Collection of data classification and tabulation of data DIAGRAMS AND GRAPHS Frequency Distribution Descriptive Statistics scriv Measures of Central Tendency Averages Measures of Dispersion Skewness and Kurtosis Inferential statistics Probability Theoretical Probability Distributions Chi-Square Test Binomial Distribution Poisson Distribution Normal Distribution Inference About Population Sampling Methods Hypothesis Testing Studenta€™s t-Test Analysis of Variance Correlation Regression Demography Computer Applications in Biology Number Systems Computer Codes Organisation of a Computer Computer Program Language Computer Memory and Storage Devices Operating System and Application Programs MS Excela€”Statistical Functions Appendix ReferencesS.No Mammals Population Angles of sectors in degrees 1 Deers 105 (105/300) x360 = 126 2 Monkeys 65 (65/300) x360 =78 3 Fox 50 (50/300) x360 =60 4 Leopards 35 (35/300) x360 =42 5 Tigers 20 (20/300) x360 =24 6 Others 25 (25/ 300)anbsp;...

Title:An Introduction to Biostatistics
Author:N Gurumani
Publisher:MJP Publisher - 101-01-17


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