An Object-Oriented Approach to Programming Logic and Design

An Object-Oriented Approach to Programming Logic and Design

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Provide beginning programmers with a guide to developing object-oriented program logic with Farrella€™s AN OBJECT-ORIENTED APPROACH TO PROGRAMMING LOGIC AND DESIGN, 4E. This text takes a unique, language-independent approach to ensure students develop a strong foundation in traditional programming principles and object-oriented concepts before learning the details of a specific programming language. The author presents object-oriented programming terminology without highly technical language, making the book ideal for students with no previous programming experience. Common business examples clearly illustrate key points. The book begins with a strong object-oriented focus in updated chapters that make even the most challenging programming concepts accessible. A wealth of updated programming exercises in every chapter provide diverse practice opportunities, while new Video Lessons by the author clarify and expand on key topics. Use this text alone or with a language-specific companion text that emphasizes C++, Java or Visual Basic for the solid introduction to object-oriented programming logic your students need for success. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.The UML superstructure groups the diagram types into two broad categoriesa€” structure diagrams and behavior diagrams. ... and include: 6 O 6 Use case diagrams Activity diagrams State machine diagrams 0 Interaction diagrams emphasize the flow of control and ... For example, the static elements of a restaurant system might include the menu and employees, and the dynamic elements would includeanbsp;...

Title:An Object-Oriented Approach to Programming Logic and Design
Author:Joyce Farrell
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2012-02-09


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