Anaerobic Digestion – Making Biogas – Making Energy

Anaerobic Digestion – Making Biogas – Making Energy

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Hundreds of million tonnes of agricultural and food waste are produced each year around the world, most of which is just that, waste. Anaerobic digestion, biogas and the heat and electricity that can be produced from it is still a nascent industry in many countries, yet the benefits of AD spread throughout the community: Gives good financial returns to farmers and eco-entrepreneurs. Helps community leaders meet various policies and legislative targets. Offers an environmentally sensitive waste disposal option. Provides a local heat and power supply, a creates employment opportunities Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as well as providing an organic fertilizer. Although the process of AD itself is relatively simple there are several system options available to meet the demands of different feedstocks. This book describes, in simple, easy to read language the five common systems of AD; how they work, the impact of scale, the basic requirements, the costs and financial implications, and how to get involved in this rapidly growing green industry.New Markets for Digestate from Anaerobic Digestion, H. Rigby and S. Smith. ... Digestion Technology and its Suitability to UK Farming and Waste Systems, 2nd edition, G. Redman (of The Andersons Centre), available as a PDF from ... NNFCC_AD2010.pdf Sustainable Biogas Production a€“ A Handbook for Organic Farmers, available from ... GAS_handbook_EN.pdf 27 Months Performance Summary for AD of Dairy Cow Slurry at AFBI Hillsborough, Peter Frost and Stephen Gilkinson, anbsp;...

Title:Anaerobic Digestion – Making Biogas – Making Energy
Author:Tim Pullen
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-01-09


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