Anaerobic Fungi

Anaerobic Fungi

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Uniting-for the first time-current information on anaerobic fungi from a number of different disciplines, this unique reference examines the taxonomy, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and ecology of anaerobic fungi-focusing on fungi from the rumen and other gut environments such as the cecum and hindgut of nonruminant herbivores. Anaerobic Fungi Presents new techniques for culturing anaerobic fungi! analyzes the isolation, culture, and survival of anaerobic fungi describes the nucleic acids of anaerobic fungi, gene cloning, and the establishment of molecular phylogeny discusses the fermentation of carbohydrates explains how anaerobic fungi interact with other microorganisms investigates the ultrastructure of plant cell walls degraded by fungi details the effects of diet on fungal populations delineates specific procedures for quantifying anaerobic fungi outlines potential directions for future research in molecular genetics and more!globules; and two distinct layers coating the flagellum and zoospore cell body plasma membrane, respectively. The flagella ... The organization of all these features is shown in the diagram in Fig. 2, although not all the features labeled will be evident in single sections, even those in the anterior- posterior plane (Fig. 3). 1.

Title:Anaerobic Fungi
Publisher:CRC Press - 1994-07-28


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