Analog And Digital Communication Engineering

Analog And Digital Communication Engineering

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Elements of Communication System and its LimitationsAmplitude ModulationAmplitude modulation and detection, Generation and detection of DSB-SC, SSB and vestigial side band modulation, Carrier acquisition.AM transmitters and receivers, Superheterodyne receiver, IF amplifiers, AGC circuits, Frequency division multiplexing.Angle ModulationBasic definitions, Narrow band and wideband frequency modulation, Transmission bandwidth of FM signals. Generation and detection of frequency modulation.Noise : External noise, Internal noise, Noise calculations, Signal to noise ratio, Noise in AM and FM systems.Pulse ModulationSampling process, Analog pulse modulation systems, Pulse amplitude modulation, Pulse width modulation and pulse position modulation.Waveform Coding Techniques : Discretization in time and amplitude, Quantization process, Quantization noise, Pulse code modulation, Differential pulse code modulation, Delta modulation and adaptive delta modulation.Digital Modulation TechniquesTypes of digital modulation, Waveforms for amplitude, frequency and phase shift keying, Methods of generation of coherent and non-coherent, ASK, FSK and PSK, Comparison of above digital techniques.Time Division MultiplexingFundamentals, Electronic commutator, Bit/byte interleaving, T1 carrier system, Synchronization and signaling of T1, TDM and PCM hierarchy, Synchronization techniques.Information Theory : Measure of information, Entropy and information rate, Channel capacity, Hartley Shannon law, Huffman coding, Shannon Fano coding.3.3.3 Comparison between Various Pulse Modulation Methods 3-42 3.4 Pulse Code Modulation 3 - 44 3.4.1 PCM ... DM Receiver 3-81 3.5.4 Advantages of Delta Modulation 3 - 82 3.5.5 Disadvantages of Delta Modulation 3-82 Slopeanbsp;...

Title:Analog And Digital Communication Engineering
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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