Analog Electronic Circuits

Analog Electronic Circuits

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Diode CircuitsDiode resistance, Diode equivalent circuits, Transition and diffusion capacitance, Reverse recovery time, Load line analysis, Rectifiers, Clippers and clampers.Transistor BiasingOperating point, Fixed bias circuits, Emitter stabilized biased circuits, Voltage divider biased, D.C. bias with voltage feedback, Miscellaneous bias configurations, Design operations, Transistor switching networks, PNP transistors, Bias stabilization.Transistor at Low FrequenciesBJT transistor modeling, Hybrid equivalent model, CE fixed bias configuration, Voltage divider bias, Emitter follower, CB configuration, Collector feedback configuration, Hybrid equivalent model.Transistor Frequency ResponseGeneral frequency considerations, Low frequency response, Miller effect capacitance, High frequency response, Multistage frequency effects.General Amplifiers Cascade connections, Cascode connections, Darlington connections.Feedback Amplifier Feedback concept, Feedback connections type, Practical feedback circuits.Power AmplifiersDefinitions and amplifier types, Series fed class A amplifier, Transformer coupled class A amplifiers, Class B amplifier operations, Class B amplifier circuits, Amplifier distortions.OscillatorsOscillator operation, Phase shift oscillator, Wienbridge oscillator, Tuned oscillator circuits, , Crystal oscillator.FET AmplifiersFET small signal model, Biasing of FET, Common drain common gate configurations, MOSFETs, FET amplifier networks.Common Base Amplifier Circuit Fig. ... The load resistance RL is coupled to the collector of the transistor via C;, . ... tape head, or a transducer The output load may be a loudspeaker in an audio amplifier, a motor in a M.TXO amplifier , a relay inanbsp;...

Title:Analog Electronic Circuits
Author:U.A.Bakshi A.P.Godse
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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