Ancient Designs

Ancient Designs

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Jareth Sykr, President and technical lead of Sykrcorp, is a lone technological visionary in a galaxy of technological stagnation and industrial ruin. The Society for Ethical Development, led by anti-technology zealots since its inception following the past great galactic war, has ensured that the galactic infrastructure and will to conceive and implement technology has been lost to the past. Jareth Sykr has forsaken the ways of the Society and seeks to recover and understand lost ancient technology. He and his team of archeo-technologists and engineers uncover lost technologies from across the span of ages and space. Galactic clients increasingly see the benefits of his recovered and re-engineered technologies, and Sykrcorp grows as an increasing threat to the power of the Society. Society supported assassins and mercenaries seek to destroy Jareth and his corporation before they can further corrupt the galaxy. As the galaxy struggles with its stagnation, an overwhelming threat rains down upon it from across the extra-galactic void. A galactic emperor, unsatisfied with his domain, leads his armada of planet-ships to capture the ill-prepared galaxy, which is a realm he finds more to his liking.Fortunately, the manual had been written in a purposefully concise manner, to provide a relatively basic practical and ... Yet rather than shaping the nature of galactic civilization, the technology, and perhaps the race which devised it, were lostanbsp;...

Title:Ancient Designs
Author:Richard Hage
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-02


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