And That's the Truth!

And That's the Truth!

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And That's the Truth! Meaningful fiction to stimulate your mind and nurture your soul is a treasury of short fiction stories. Most of the narrators in Part One are animals talking about themselves. You learn how dozens of animals live, eat, and survive through dialogue and description. Look, too, for inanimate objects to spring to life and talk about themselves: a houseplant, a stop sign, a dollar bill, and others. Part Two gives you qtraditionalq fictional stories with lively characters and believable or not-so-believable storylines. All of the stories leave you with a nugget of wisdom or a bit of a chuckle. Sprinkled throughout Part Two are a few short articles of general interest non-fiction. Whether you read the stories in order or at random, you will come away enriched with inspirational and encouraging accounts that stimulate your mind and nurture your soul.latitude. The farther north you live, the higher Polaris is in the sky and the more circumpolar stars you see. If you live ... Depending on how far south you live, you may not see me in my entirety. ... Speaking of time, you can use me to tell time.

Title:And That's the Truth!
Author:Carl W. McClure
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-09-01


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