Another Thirty-(Seven) Days (The Aftermath)

Another Thirty-(Seven) Days (The Aftermath)

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qAnother Thirty-(Seven) Days (The Aftermath)q is an epistolary novel documenting a 37-day journey through the authora€™s life, wherein she faced her fathera€™s swiftly declining health due to an aggressive cancer that surgery (a Glossectomy that partially removed his tongue) failed to eradicate. The father/daughter relationship was further complicated because she hadna€™t seen him in eight years, and he had been absent all of her adult life. Her relationships with her mentally-challenged, narcissistic, and toxic mother, as well as with her vodka-swilling ex-husband, reared their ugly heads as her father lost his battle with cancer. The authora€™s emotions could not remain compartmentalized any longer, and her belief system in herself, and in God, gets tested. qAnother Thirty-(Seven) Days (The Aftermath)q is filled with raw emotion, honesty, self-reflection, humor, music, and Scripture, and is the follow-up to the authora€™s first book entitled qThirty-Seven Days and One Life (A Memoir)q.When I got back to my car and the flatbed operator got in, he said that my car couldna#39;t be moved because it was an automatic! (He was told by MB roadside assistance that my car was a manual shift.) ... I reached into my glove box, pulled out my mini screwdriver, and was able to shift the gear from a€œParka€ into a€œDrivea€ manually! ... told by my contact that several mechanics drove my car multiple times, but that the gear shift never got stuck, and so no further repairs to my car had to be made.

Title:Another Thirty-(Seven) Days (The Aftermath)
Author:L. Darlene
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-10-26


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