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Who is Andrew Elric, and whata€™s he doing here? Says hea€™s here with answers. As Andrew would explain it, a€œWe live our lives shrouded with mysteries. Wea€™re compelled to show faith in explanations that we really dona€™t believe ina€”the origins of our being, the nature and existence of God, are we alone in the universe? Less weighty issues as well as stuff wea€™d just like to knowa€”who really shot Kennedy? What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? You think about it and know there really are answers to all of it, but you dona€™t have access to them. Ia€™ve got those answers and, more importantly, proof for all of it. Some of it you can hold in your hand. You follow the news, you know this place is going to blow. Ia€™m here to try and stop it. Religion, race, nationalism . . . We all come from the same place. But the world has suffered through too many charlatans and false prophets. Ia€™m going to use these proofs to get you savages to settle down.a€ Andrew has recruited renowned attorney, author, and sports agent Aron Samuelson to help him get the word out. Aron, in the throes of a midlife crisis, is looking for the next a€œbig thinga€ in his life. As they say, be careful what you wish for.Being the open and accessible teacher that shea#39;d always been, shea#39;d made not only her office phone number available to the students but also her cell number. ... It was still a 626 area code versus our area code at home, which was 310.

Author:Alan Kohls
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-07-31


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