Anthem Critical Thinking and Writing Skills

Anthem Critical Thinking and Writing Skills

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qMsoNormalq Anthem Guide to Critical Thinking Skills: Language and Logic' guides readers in the process of critical thinking and persuasive speaking and writing. The text discusses informal thinking, the formal processes of induction, deduction, and syllogistic reasoning, in a clear format that makes it easy for the qbeginning logicianq to process. Students learn how to form a proposition, identify issues, gather evidence, and process an argument. To get started, logic games, puzzles, and real life examples ask students to consider how we evaluate, analyze, and decide. What happens if Janie says, 'Mom, can I go to the party? All of my friends are going!' And Mom responds, 'What if all of your friends jumped off the empire State building?' Is 'all of my friends are going' a good reason? Does mom have a point? Language and Logic will help students evaluate these everyday decisions. Then a more formal look at induction and deduction challenges students to practice higher-level thinking skills, such as using analogies for evaluation, and working through syllogisms to process ideas. After a review of the Greek Fallacies, readers can have some literary logic fun by analyzing old standards like 'Love is a Fallacy' and the persuasive love poem 'The Passionate Shepherd'q-- Provided by publisher.Writing and citing responsibly Writing a research paper is not creative writing. The evidence you ... they appear when you read. These reasons/issues will become divisions in the outline ofyour paper and the paragraph points when you writeanbsp;...

Title:Anthem Critical Thinking and Writing Skills
Author:Victoria Pontzer Ehrhardt
Publisher:Anthem Press - 2011


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