Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

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In December, 1941 US Army pilots began hauling passengers and cargo around the Philippines after the Japanese attack on Clark Field, thus beginning one of the most important air force missions of World War II. As America greared up to fight the war, dozens of what came to be known as troop carrier squadrons were activated and equipped, usually with Douglas C-47 and C-53 version of the DC-8 transport. Beginning in New Guinea, US Army troop carrier crews became a crucial part of the effort to turn the tide of war. In Europe troop carrier squadrons supported Army airborne forces and provided logistical support for air force squadrons. During the Battle of the Bulge troop carrier crews kept the 101st Airborne Division supplied. After the war, troop carrier squadrons supplied the besieged city of Berlin. Troop carrier crews supported UN forces in Korea, then supported French efforts in Indochina where their successors would become crucial to US efforts in the 1960s and early 1970s. This is their story.... a militarized version of the Boeing 707 A tanker version, the KC135, was also purchased by the Air Force for SACa#39;s ... of the C-133s has been given, with the most popular being that the performance charts in the Aircraft Flight Manual were anbsp;...

Title:Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
Author:Sam McGowan
Publisher:Author House - 2012-01-04


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