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Anything Goes is an unusual and a hilarious collection of short stories by the author Martin Dec Haynes F.R.C.S. who is also a poet, a surgeon, golfer, philatelist and humorist. Because of the authora€™s vast working experience lots of his stories have a medical theme, but you can rest assured that, coming from Haynes, they are not run-of-the-mill, nay rather they are extremely esoteric and virtually beyond belief. Near the end of the book the writing style takes a detour and a few yarns are narrated as if by idiot types who misspell words, or some of the words are written as they are pronounced, adding greatly to the farcical effect. The last story is about a young man who leaves his wife behind in The Islands, and goes to London to study medicine successfully; then he divorces his island-wife from a distance and takes a spanking new English wife. He is now about to return to his native island but his grandfather is waiting at the airport with a shotgun to blow out his brains. Fortunately, other family members are able to avert the disaster. All in all the collection is a riproaring read.MARTIN DeC HAYNES F.R.C.S. 2. ... Mih insydz feal as dough deya#39;re been scraped ana#39; raked wid ah skow-werring brush.a#39;Ah sure yuh wuddna#39;t like dat to happern to yer madam . . . You do a#39;av ah madam, dona#39;t yuh, dok?a€ Bloggs then saidanbsp;...

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-01-04


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