Appointment in Baghdad

Appointment in Baghdad

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A raid on a Toronto mosque reveals a hard link to a mysterious figure known only as Scimitar. He's a legend believed to be at the center of an international network of violent jihadist and criminal enterprises stretching across the Middle East and southwest Asiaa€”created after the collapse of a brutal dictatorial regime in Iraq. From the opium dens of Hong Kong to the dark corners of eastern Europe, and war-torn Baghdad itself, Mack Bolan and two of Stony Man's finest are targeting an organized empire that runs everything from heroin traffic to global jihad. Yet Scimitar remains a mystery within an enigma; a brilliant, faceless opponent whose true identity will force Bolan into a personal confrontation for justicea€”and righteous retribution.It came down hard and sent metal car parts scattering in all directions. The ruined 4-Runner came to a rest in the middle of the street and burned like a bonfire. Up the street Gary Manninga#39;s Ford Expedition locked its brakes with an angryanbsp;...

Title:Appointment in Baghdad
Author:Don Pendleton
Publisher:Gold Eagle - 2008-05-01


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