Arduino for Teens, 1st ed.

Arduino for Teens, 1st ed.

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The Arduino open-source microcontroller is a popular hardware/software platform that lets artists, designers, and other experimental hobbyists incorporate computer-controlled electronics into their creative projects. ARDUINO FOR TEENS was written for young people (or anyone else) who would like to learn the ins and outs of microcontroller electronics and the Arduino in particular. Most teens today are at home with computers and software from a user's perspective, but working with the Arduino will open up the world of computer technology to them in new and exciting ways. Written especially with teens and young adults in mind, ARDUINO FOR TEENS' step-by-step approach teaches young experimenters the fundamentals of using the Arduino microcontroller to actually interact with the physical world and create fun, rewarding projects.For each motor, aPWM pin controls speed, and thetwo other digitalpinscontrol direction. For music, use anold ... You can usesoftware to emulate the SPI function, which allows you toselect anypins, oryou can use two Hbridge breakout boards. This problemdoes ... That way you can print messages asthe program proceeds.

Title:Arduino for Teens, 1st ed.
Author:Robert W. Patterson
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2013-10-17


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