Aristotle and the Philosophy of Friendship

Aristotle and the Philosophy of Friendship

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This book offers a comprehensive account of the major philosophical works on friendship and its relationship to self-love. The book gives central place to Aristotle's searching examination of friendship in the Nicomachean Ethics. Lorraine Pangle argues that the difficulties surrounding this discussion are soon dispelled once one understands the purpose of the Ethics as both a source of practical guidance for life and a profound, theoretical investigation into human nature. The book also provides fresh interpretations of works on friendship by Plato, Cicero, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne and Bacon. The author shows how each of these thinkers sheds light on central questions of moral philosophy: is human sociability rooted in neediness or strength? is the best life chiefly solitary, or dedicated to a community with others? Clearly structured and engagingly written, this book will appeal to a broad swathe of readers across philosophy, classics and political science.Viewed in the light of the teaching of the whole book, and taken together with La Bo Ietiea#39;s essay a€œOn Voluntary Servitude, a€23 to which it was ostensibly designed as an introduction, Montaignea#39;s essaya€œOf Friendshipa€can perhaps best beanbsp;...

Title:Aristotle and the Philosophy of Friendship
Author:Lorraine Smith Pangle
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2002-11-14


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