Armageddon Cookbook and Doomsday Kitchen

Armageddon Cookbook and Doomsday Kitchen

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For a limited period 10% off Launch Price... Reference book and methodology guide for sourcing food and water in times of disaster or emergency. Hungry, thirsty, cold. Imagine a natural, catastrophic, disaster has occurred; that giant tsunami or mega-meteor strike sometimes talked about. Supermarket shelves are bare, there is no water in the taps, no electricity to cook by or charge your mobile phone, and you may now own nothing more than the clothes you stand in. Infrastructure is virtually non-existent and no one is coming to assist you, since there are millions of other people prioritized for help by whatever government that still remains before they even begin to think about you. Welcome to a post-industrial Stone Age. The entire focus of this 147, 000 word book is on the acquisition and storage of foraged food and water sources, raising small animals for food, details on cooking with fire and other food-water related topics, plus 'alternative' recipes that use every scrap of food.In the previous diagram I have marked two underside cuts A and B a€“ the main abdominal one and then a second through the chest cavity. This is because some folks gutting deer in the suspended position will saw through the sternum, anbsp;...

Title:Armageddon Cookbook and Doomsday Kitchen
Author:Marcus Harrison - 2013-12-25


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