Armchair Hero

Armchair Hero

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A whole new world of comic fantasy: When you are an aspirant mystic nutgatherer who through a computer cock-up is assigned as the sole Security Guard to Heaven, it is bad enough. When only days before you are to be relieved of your duties, Heaven is attacked by an army of imps and demons, you know that your luck is not in. When the planet Glob is put in danger because the imps and demons have stolen the whole process that keeps your world spinning in the right direction, and you are appointed as Heaven's Hero to save Glob from crashing splat into the universe wall, you know that your luck is out. Oh, and then, the only two aides to help you on your way for your impossible task: a winged floral armchair with far too many apps, and a theoretically extinct bird. And just to round it all off, your only hope of help in the impossible task it to enlist a crew from among the most dangerously mad mob of pirates ever to infest the planet. Quite a task...and the clock is ticking.With a sudden jolt the Comfy Chair was suddenly propelled off Heaven and into the nothing that is solid air as Hurr! (god of Unnecessary ... The mammoth deity had better things to do than save the world a€“ there was a record pile of weights waiting in the gym to be lifted to win yet another title he had thought of. ... noticed was the irate instructions shrieked by the Bobo to pull his joystick this way and that.

Title:Armchair Hero
Author:Wgwl - 2010-11


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