Armed with Abundance

Armed with Abundance

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Popular representations of the Vietnam War tend to emphasize violence, deprivation, and trauma. By contrast, in Armed with Abundance, Meredith Lair focuses on the noncombat experiences of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam, redrawing the landscape of the war so that swimming pools, ice cream, visits from celebrities, and other qcomfortsq share the frame with combat. To address a tenuous morale situation, military authorities, Lair reveals, wielded abundance to insulate soldiers--and, by extension, the American public--from boredom and deprivation, making the project of war perhaps easier and certainly more palatable. The result was dozens of overbuilt bases in South Vietnam that grew more elaborate as the war dragged on. Relying on memoirs, military documents, and G.I. newspapers, Lair finds that consumption and satiety, rather than privation and sacrifice, defined most soldiers' Vietnam deployments. Abundance quarantined the U.S. occupation force from the impoverished people it ostensibly had come to liberate, undermining efforts to win Vietnamese qhearts and mindsq and burdening veterans with disappointment that their wartime service did not measure up to public expectations. With an epilogue that finds a similar paradigm at work in Iraq, Armed with Abundance offers a unique and provocative perspective on modern American warfare.Termination and Closeout of Southeast Asia Contracts. ... Americal Americal News Sheet* American Traveler Army Reporter* Artillery Review Automatic Eighth Avian 34 Aviator Battle-Ax ... Colt 45 News* Command Communications Communicator Constructioneer Credibilis Crusader Culvert Cyclo-Media Daily News Briefanbsp;...

Title:Armed with Abundance
Author:Meredith H. Lair
Publisher:Univ of North Carolina Press - 2011-11-28


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