Art of Dying, The

Art of Dying, The

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This collection of writingsa€”Mr. S.N. Goenka's explanations of the teaching of the Buddha, the Buddhaa€™s scriptural verses, poetical stories of monks and nuns from the time of the Buddha, accounts from fellow meditatorsa€”is born of the acceptance of the truth of suffering. It contains inspiring examples of people gaining strength and a taste of freedom through their practice, and demonstrates convincingly the efficacy of the Buddha's Path, the way out of misery. These stories not only help to sustain and strengthen established Vipassana meditators in their quest, but also to encourage others searching for peace and understanding to take up the practice of getting to a€œknow thyselfa€ truly, on an experiential levela€”to develop their own wisdom.This collection of writingsa€”Mr.

Title:Art of Dying, The
Author:S.N. Goenka and others
Publisher:Pariyatti - 2014-05-30


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