Artifacts of the Ages: Swords and Staves

Artifacts of the Ages: Swords and Staves

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Ancestral magic swords whose names fill the pages of history, handed down through generations of heroes ... arcane staves of power, crafted by legendary mystics and passed from master to apprentice ... These are staples of fantasy literature-but difficult to recreate in the d20 System. Artifacts of the Ages provides rules for introducing legendary swords and staves that grow in power as their wielders advance in level. Special qscionq prestige classes ensure that the heroes only unlock an item's full power when the campaign is ready for it-helping to ensure that the game stays balanced. The book also presents over two dozen unique and interesting legendary magic items, with accurate d20 stats, detailed histories, and adventure hooks. Are you worthy to bear the Artifacts of the Ages?Duke Ravenhearst recognized the staffa#39;s power and hid it within his castle on the edge of the newly-united kingdom ... a battlestaff scion or not, benefits from the staff as a +11masterwork quarterstaff and may use its light ability (see below).

Title:Artifacts of the Ages: Swords and Staves
Author:J. D. Wiker
Publisher: - 2003-07-01


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