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Ryon Lux has unknowingly started a journey that his prodigious mind is ill-equiped to fathom. Between dealing with the consequences of his impressive intellect, and an ethereal voice attempting to guide his behavior, Ryon can see that his experience is unique. How many others could have heard the whispered voice demand the creation of immortality? Who else might fulfill the request? Beyond Earth, Ryon is led toward a remarkable discovery. But the existence of the galactic civilization known as the Assembly dwindles in comparison to the most compelling secrets of the universe. When Ryon is told that consciousness is its own partition of reality, as intwined through all of us as time and space, and that it is possible to leave your corporeal body, he discerns the true source of the disembodied voice from his youth, and he begins to seek his own path to Ascension. He must succeed before Parthix, ageless enemy of the Assembly, or all could be lost to the most dangerous being known to exist.a€œWhat I have here are the final exams from every course required in the Biochemistry major, minus the ones you already have ... them all within a week, but it might take you longer depending on how you answer some of the essay questions.

Author:J. S. Barrett - 2014-11-15


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