Ask Not for Whom the Panther Prowls

Ask Not for Whom the Panther Prowls

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Dr. Sharpe has returned to teaching and research in this short novella. Swearing to a€œgo straighta€ and stick to academic pursuits, he is dragged into a series of polite poisonings after a student in his 'Physics for Poets' class dies of an apparent heart attack. When his son-to-be stepson's favorite kindergarten teacher, a student teacher from the university nearly suffers the same fate, he is forced to investigate. Someone is slowly knocking off the undergraduates. The only common feature of the victims seems to be their involvement in an on-line English course, but the truth is more complex.Itwas just a small one, a Ruger LCP, easyto conceal, with atrigger safety. IfI neededto use it, it would fire whenI pulled the trigger.Ia#39;d practiced a fewtimes at one of the local ranges and improved towhere Icouldat least hit thebarn ifI fired from theanbsp;...

Title:Ask Not for Whom the Panther Prowls
Author:Astor James Monroe
Publisher:Astor James Monroe - 2014-12-18


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