ASP. NET 4 Social Networking

ASP. NET 4 Social Networking

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This book will show you how to create a scalable, maintainable social network that can support hundreds of thousands of users, complete with multimedia features. The book starts by planning the essential features of your social network, and then building a 'community framework' that will give your site a solid foundation and enable you to add all your social networking features. You can then go on to create user accounts, profile pages, messaging systems, 'friend' relationships between members, photo galleries, blogs, forums, groups, and more. Along the way you will see MEF, Entity Framework, LINQ, AJAX, C# 4.0, ASP.NET Routing, and other features of ASP.NET 4.0 put to practical and interesting uses. There is also integration with other technologies like Silverlight, Flash, XINHA WYSIWYG editor, reCaptcha, Lucene.NET and Cropper and you also look at custom implementation of authentication and profile features for the website.Profile Friends Mail Photos Blogs Forum Groups iv _ WW Import utlook ntacts Import Contacts COMMZIS Tito: Browse Now do I export my contacts trom Outlook? Open Outlook In the File menu choose Import and Export It usa#39;mo Outlook 2010anbsp;...

Title:ASP. NET 4 Social Networking
Author:Atul Gupta, Sudhanshu Hate, Andrew Siemer
Publisher:Packt Publishing Ltd - 2011-03-23


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