Aspen International Conference on Fourier Spectroscopy, 1970

Aspen International Conference on Fourier Spectroscopy, 1970

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The report constitutes the proceedings of the Aspen International Conference on Fourier Spectroscopy. The tutorial lectures, which are also included in the proceedings, were intended to bring the participants to the point where the invited and contributed papers would be beneficial to all. These lectures began with a mathematical introduction and with a comprehensive outline of the technique of Fourier spectroscopy. The following specific topics were treated in more detail: signal-to-noise considerations, interferometers for Fourier spectroscopy, double-beaming techniques, refractometry, data handling and processing, and finally a speculative digression on the impact new developments in sources and detectors might have on Fourier spectroscopy. The invited and contributed papers ran the gamut of high and low resolving power instrumentation and results; from resolutions of tens of wavenumbers to thousandths of wavenumbers. The topics covered included new instrumentation, new data handling and analysis techniques, advantages of Fourier techniques as demonstrated by recent results, theoretical considerations on general problems associated with the technique, and applications of the technique under adverse conditions. Finally, it was decided to accept papers on multiplex techniques other than Fourier and/or interferometric. These papers were presented in the last session of the meeting and are also included in this volume.You will note the following features of this particular vacuum far infrared instrument: (1) the sample is placed in one ... The diagram does not indicate the fact that the transmission measurements are made with the radiation passing only once through the sample. ... POLYETHYLENE l^/Vw 0.0 0.5 OPTICAL PATH OlFFtRENCE Figure 5-2. ... It is evident that the aquot;white light positionaquot; was shifted a distance D= (n a€” 1)6, where n is the index of refraction and 6 is the thickness of the sample.

Title:Aspen International Conference on Fourier Spectroscopy, 1970
Author:George A. Vanasse, A. T. Stair, Doran J. Baker
Publisher: - 1971


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