ATH: OCR A Historical Themes: Russia and its rulers 1855-1964

ATH: OCR A Historical Themes: Russia and its rulers 1855-1964

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ATH: About the series This series is part of Access to History, a most popular and trusted series for advanced level students. This sub-series is designed for A2 students studying the OCR A Historical Themes Unit. The narrative is structured thematically to enable students to view similarities and differences across time, to draw conclusions from these comparisions, and therefore to develop their synoptic skills. Each chapter includes: * exam-style questions and marked answers to help students understand and develop their synoptic skills * key terms to improve students' historical vocabulary * key questions to consider throughout * summary diagrams as helpful revision tools Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964 This title examines the nature of Russian government and its influence on society and people. The theme is explored under the following headings: * The Nature of Russian Government * The Opposition to Regimes * The Impact of the Dictatorial Regimes on Economy and Society * War and Revolution and the Development of GovernmentThe following essays are responses to a question that demands explanation of the different policies towards dealing with opponents that occurred over time. ... I Second, factors should be grouped thematically (for example, different strategies and tactics used by the opposition, different ideologies of the regimes) rather than chronologically. ... a 100-year period and applying historical concepts to historical problems (change/continuity, similarity/difference and cause/ consequence).

Title:ATH: OCR A Historical Themes: Russia and its rulers 1855-1964
Author:Andrew Holland
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2010-04-30


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