Atheism Religion and Life (A Layman's Perspective)

Atheism Religion and Life (A Layman's Perspective)

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A book that lays bare the fallacy of religion. It makes an unmistakable statement on the personal effect religion has on the individual; and the damage inflicted on the cultural, political and economic life of the world's population. Arguments for and against religion, atheism and the philosophy of life are examined, but always geared towards the layman. Humour, and irreverent commentary, assists the reader to question Bible events, in a fashion that helps the ordinary person to understand religion from an atheist's perspective. The bogus claims made by religions, are dissected by the clever use of stories, quotes, and examining relevant sections of the Bible. Veiled sections of the Bible that most of the public either have never heard of, or don't believe exist are exposed. A provocative read to challenge both the religious and non-religious. It is concise and understandable. Agree or disagree, one thing all critics agree upon, it will make you think about life and religion.Manual labour was not something to be ashamed of; not in the least. As a young boy he looked forward to the day when one of his older brothers outgrew their clothes. He waited patiently for years to inherit an old jean jacket. Though it wasanbsp;...

Title:Atheism Religion and Life (A Layman's Perspective)
Author:Brian Hinkley - 2015-05-08


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