Atlas of diagnostic Ultrasound

Atlas of diagnostic Ultrasound

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Medical book on diagnostic Ultrasound covering normal and pathological ultrasound anatomy, Doppler techniques, physics and instrumentation. a€c The book consists of 20 chapters and contains more than 2000 images including colour Doppler illustrations, numerous schemes and tables. a€c The first chapter covers the basics of ultrasound physics and instrumentation written in easily understandable language . a€c The second chapter deals with the principles governing the description of ultrasound images and instructions for working with ultrasound machines, together with the basics of Doppler studies and the use of contrast agents. a€c Chapter three is intended to help beginners understand the normal ultrasound images in relation to cross sectional anatomy of the abdominal cavity. a€c The next chapters deal with the pathological findings of various organs and systems of the human body: thorax, abdominal organs, bladder and prostate, superficial organs such as the thyroid, mammary and salivary glands, and scrotum. a€c A separate chapter has been dedicated to paediatric ultrasound. Every chapter begins with description of the normal anatomy and images followed by an explanation of the technique of examination of each organ. a€c The book contains many practical suggestions to overcome problems that can interfere with the production of a clear ultrasound image.Ultrasonography Valery Tchacarski, Rumyana Krasteva, Emilia Mincheva, Anelia Boueva, Ivo Iliev, Dimitar Popov ... These very generous appraisals have encouraged us to write this teaching manual and offer it to the English ... The book consists of 20 chapters, more than 2000 images and is full of practical tips and hints.

Title:Atlas of diagnostic Ultrasound
Author:Valery Tchacarski, Rumyana Krasteva, Emilia Mincheva, Anelia Boueva, Ivo Iliev, Dimitar Popov
Publisher:Valery Tchacarski - 2015-03-03


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