Atom-Field Interactions and Dressed Atoms

Atom-Field Interactions and Dressed Atoms

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This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory of the interaction between atoms and electromagnetic fields, an area which is central to the investigation of the fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics. The first four chapters describe the different forms of the interaction between atoms and radiation fields. The rest of the book deals with how these interactions lead to the formation of dressed states, in the presence of vacuum fluctuations, as well as in the presence of external fields. Also covered are the role of dressed atoms in quantum measurement theory, and the physical interpretation of vacuum radiative effects. Treating a key field on the boundary between quantum optics and quantum electrodynamics, the book will be of great use to graduate students, as well as to established experimentalists and theorists, in either of these areas.Quantum Field Theory (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK) J .J. Sakurai (1982). Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Reading, Ma.) ... and solutions of relativistic wave equations has recently appeared in the book W. Greiner, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics (Springer- Verlag 1990).

Title:Atom-Field Interactions and Dressed Atoms
Author:G. Compagno, R. Passante, F. Persico
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2005-09-15


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