Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim

Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim

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Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim reveals the inside secrets of claim negotiating and shows you how to settle your case for top dollar. This book will guide you through the insurance claim wilderness and provide you with the answer to that critical question: How much is my qpain and sufferingq worth? The mystery of how to place a value on your qpain and sufferingq has been solved with the introduction of BASE: The Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation Formula. It will help you to prove your losses, and to know how to present them during your negotiations. Youa€™ll learn the all-important 4 qValuesq that BASE provides for you: The PREMIUM Value, The MEAN Value, The CORE Value and The LOW Value. The BASE Formula is a simple, yet revolutionary evaluation tool. Knowing how to guide an accident claim to a victorious payoff is not an exclusive ability, possessed by a select few. Dona€™t be seduced into thinking you cana€™t do it yourself. That simply isna€™t true! This book will show you how. If youa€™ve been in an accident and youa€™re uninformed, you have little or no concept of the ultimate value of your possible recovery. Because of this, youa€™re less able to make appropriate demands. As the claims negotiation process moves towards a close, youa€™re settlement demands are very often too low or too high. Youa€™re ignorant of the accepted principles, which justify your demands. When you attempt to negotiate a settlement with these handicaps, you run a strong chance of being victimized. The amount of compensation you should be paid isna€™t found in a crystal ball. Rather, a number of simple factors such as the type of accident, related injuries, out-of-pocket expenses, medical costs and lost wages all go into determining how much a claim is worth. What amount an insurance company is willing to pay actually falls into a fairly narrow spectrum. To read this book is to become informed on bodily injury claim settlement facts and details. Youa€™ll discover how to implement BASE so you can determine the monetary value of the qpain and sufferingq youa€™ve endured because of your injury. Youa€™ll know what to ask for and how to negotiate it. Youa€™ll learn how to supply the adjuster with all the documentation and proof needed to establish your claim. Youa€™ll gain the knowledge needed to accomplish this when you read Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim. And youa€™ll walk away from the negotiation table with a smile on your face.1. PROPERTY. DAMAGE. EXPENSES. These typically include: 1. Auto Repair 2. Vehicle Towing and Storage 3. Cost of Substitute Car Rental 4. Damaged Clothing, Watch, Jewelry, etc. 5. Broken Eye Glassesanbsp;...

Title:Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim
Author:Dan Baldyga
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2002-04-01


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