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To an uninformed reader, Awakening is a fictionalized action story built on a retired Army soldier's fight to protect his loved ones. To those readers who dig deeper into the story, this is a unique and cleverly hidden message about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Andy, like many veterans today, was wounded in combat and has since left the military. With the support of family and friends, he struggles to find his place in the world. Plagued by nightmares of werewolves and fantasy between bouts of sleeplessness, he struggles to find the meaning of it all, as well as his own purpose. As time goes by and Andy seeks help, he begins to remember the truth. Unfortunately, the truth is something the military doesn't want remembered. His family, along with friends from his past come to his aid as the confusion and chaos of a military cover-up gone wrong unleashes itself in full force. With family and friends on the line, and an inner turmoil affecting his every decision, Andy must find a way to win an epic battle against the very forces that he worked so diligently to serve. Will he succeed in winning the battle against his enemies and his own demons? Will he save the lives of those around him that he holds dear? More importantly, what is the secret that everyone is willing to kill to protect?The impact had cracked the tree in half and it had fallen onto the overturned car effectively squashing it down enough to seal ... the driver of the truck was running back and forth in what looked like an attempt to find an exit point for those inside. He made the impression that he didna#39;t want to stop looking, even though every time he did the situation was the same, ... This was all my fault, please help them, I couldna#39;t live with myself if they didna#39;t make it!a€ the man screamed, clearly in shock.

Author:T. A. Walk
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-01-20


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