Away (Vol 1: Beginnings & Vol 2: Keepers of the Alliance)

Away (Vol 1: Beginnings & Vol 2: Keepers of the Alliance)

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For the first time ever, the complete Away saga (Volume 1: Beginnings and Volume 2: Keepers of the Alliance) is now available in one book. Spanning over fifty years, Away chronicles the adventures of quantum physicist Alberto Rys. Stumbling upon a scientific breakthrough that could revolutionize the transportation of people, resources, goods and even information around the globe, Dr. Rys begins a quest to realize the discovery's full potential. He's eventually joined by a group of equally brilliant and idiosyncratic souls, who help him to rapidly develop the technology. However, as they near their goal, they find themselves suddenly entangled in a web of deceit that shatters their team and inadvertently brings Dr. Rys to the faraway world of Onav. There he encounters the ghostly remnants of a once mighty interstellar alliance and learns of the invincible race of predators who almost destroyed it, the Grell. Dr. Rys is then asked to make a choice that will reverberate throughout humanity: Will Earth join the struggle against the Grell or will the disembodied spirits of Onav forever be all that remains of the Alliance?He then lifted the protective cover off the left switch and flicked it. With his eyes on ... He flicked that switch at 9:30am sharp, sending US395a#39;s first passenger away. On the monitor ... Unlike the probe launch almost a year earlier, there wasna#39;t any clapping or cheering. Instead, most ... Once 9:56am arrived, everyone was back at their seats, eyes glued once again to the closed-circuit monitor. Dr. Rys hadanbsp;...

Title:Away (Vol 1: Beginnings & Vol 2: Keepers of the Alliance)
Author:Norman Oro
Publisher:Norman Oro (via CreateSpace) - 2013-04-26


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