B Beyond Words

B Beyond Words

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Some people call me crazy. Some think Ia€™m weird, and others believe I am out downright out of this world. Sometimes to others I make no sense, but in my heart and mind it all comes together. I am made up of a mixture of different things; some that may not necessarily mix, but live flamboyantly in me. Ia€™ve had a crazy life and that should be no secret to anyone anymore. I have experienced things beyond the belief of sorrow and agony. Only I know what it is like to feel what I feel. Only I know the gravity of the experiences I have overcome. I guess it really is just how it is stated in the Bible. a€œGod will never allow more to come to us than what we can bear, a€ and I know I can do whatever I need to do, a€œthrough Jesus Christ, whom strengthens me.a€ So, before you judge this book by its cover or dare to belittle my journey, walk a mile in my shoes. I hope my story inspires you with love, life and courage.I wiggle into my leggings, gulp down a protein shake, and grab my iPod. ... After I park my car, I abandon my black-and-white purse in the passenger seat where I usually leave my cell phone. ... to push yourself beyond your past, your fears, your obstacles, your shadows, and the labels that people attempt to use to define anbsp;...

Title:B Beyond Words
Author:Bianca Ramirez
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-07-05


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