Baby Boomer Bathroom Book

Baby Boomer Bathroom Book

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In growing up, whenever we wanted to do something special like sleep out with our friends or see the new Flash Gordon movie, or have our parents take us to the circus that just arrived in town; we have heard the timeless mantra that every parent used: AWe=ll seeY@ This usually meant, Ano@ most times. In fact, we probably use this worn out phrase to our own kids when we just haven=t thought up a good enough reason why they can=t do something. So, when I ask you to buy this book and also buy one for every person on your block and you say to yourself; AWe=ll see, @ then I=ll know where that=s coming fromY I=ll make a deal with you. You don=t have to buy one for everyone on your block, just those who have bathrooms. If you agree to this, repeat after me: ACross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.@ (Didn=t have any fingers, toes or eyes crossed did you?) AI DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!@A couple of my favorites were: a€œMy mother the cara€ with Jerry Van Dyke who plays David Crabtree and talks to his deceased mother through the car radio. One reason I liked this show was because he drove an old vintage 1928 Porter touringanbsp;...

Title:Baby Boomer Bathroom Book
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2010-08-31


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