Backtrack Forward

Backtrack Forward

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Tricia Warren, fresh out of an overseas education, enters the real world beset with the unfinished business of her forebears. Her deceased father may have murdered his second wife, and his estate is now in a rocky state of mismanagement. Her mother's death also left the possibility that there is a family member that Tricia never knew. Fearing for her financial and personal safety, Tricia hires detectives to sort out these lingering mysteries, and as they investigate, it's clear that she faces a situation far direr than she had imagined. Her trust fund could be lost to various persons with eyes on her father's estate and claims on gambling debts he left behind. Her two step-brothers may be players in a drug ring and other shady activities, with designs of their own for the family fortune. And the circumstances of the second wife's death are disturbingly unclear. What had started out as a basic probate case has escalated into something deeply complicated and menacing, even as Tricia strives to hold onto a happy family life. Backtrack Forward is a mystery of family intrigue and dogged detective work in which the stakes are high, the clues elusive, the motives murky, and the outcome anything but obvious.If the car becomes inoperative at any time, Ia#39;m responsible for getting it to the car repair shop and getting it back into the company ... Ted noted that all safety items were checked: brakes, steering column, brake fluid, tires, car lights, car horns, anbsp;...

Title:Backtrack Forward
Author:S. Loy
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-03


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