Bacterial Diversity in Sustainable Agriculture

Bacterial Diversity in Sustainable Agriculture

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The eartha€™s biodiversity is a degree of ecosystem health which is vital to ecology and environmental sustainability. The microbial world is the largest unexplored reservoir. The agro-ecosystem enriched with rhizosphere implicit abundant and species-rich component of microbial diversity. Its global exploration designs a worldwide framework for agricultural sustainability adjoining benefits in its conservation. Agricultural sustainability requires a major share from ecosystem management which is better paid by microbial diversity and conservation. Diversity of bacteria influences plant productivity providing nutrient convenience from soil instead altering per se community and diversity in the rhizosphere where they may influence mechanistic competent and antagonistic micro-flora. The potential species among the diversity are therefore, essential subjective to their maintenance for use around the globe. Microbial population in agro-ecosystem is influenced by stresses, reduce functionality as a component. It is therefore, important to explore secrets of planned strategy so as to unravel the microbial diversity and conservation in agricultural development. Microorganisms are minute, pervasive in nature and alleged as disease host instead tiny recognize as employee of agro-ecosystem, indulge in agricultural development and potential contributor in world of ecological and economical wealth creation. This step pertinently would help to launch scientific motivation needed to support the refrain of microbial diversity and conservation.... within Phylum Actinobacteria as laid out in the Bergeys Manual of Systematic Bacteriology (2nd edition)a€”Volume 5. ... of the Bergeya#39;s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology has dedicated an entire volume for the Phylum Actinobacteria.

Title:Bacterial Diversity in Sustainable Agriculture
Author:Dinesh K. Maheshwari
Publisher:Springer - 2014-09-04


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