Baffling Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Baffling Word Search Puzzles for Kids

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After his bestselling Word Search Puzzles for Kids, Awesome Word Search Puzzles for Kids, and Clever Word Search Puzzles for Kids, Mark Danna's out to baffle youngsters again--and they'll enjoy every second of it. These puzzles are wildly imaginative and ingeniously designed. Instead of the usual grid, each one consists of a picture that fits the puzzle's subject, including an elephant and a dinosaur. There are other twists too. Three puzzles don't have a word list, so children have to create one from the clues. qRappin' Up the Weekq asks solvers to fill in the rhymes of a humorous rap song. Rebus puzzles feature little drawings. To top it off, every puzzle contains a hidden message that kids will uncover once they've completed the search.The hidden message answers the question aquot;What did the kid say when he was asked, a#39;Whata#39;s your favorite and least ... TUNA MELT EGG SALAD ONION i TURKEY FALAEEL PASTRAMI ON RYE WHOLE WHEAT FISH PEANUT BUTTERanbsp;...

Title:Baffling Word Search Puzzles for Kids
Author:Mark Danna
Publisher:Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. - 2005-06-01


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