Bangalore Calling

Bangalore Calling

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The employees at the Callus call centre in Bangalore juggle false identities, abusive customers and the tugs of family and community. An Anglo-Indian trainer is aghast at the overt Americanisms adopted by her eager trainees. A van driver who yearns for a son petitions the god Ayyappan by playing devotional songs inside the van. A brash Jimi Hendrix-loving agent tries to change the music and stokes the driver's deep resentment. A young girl travels across the great divide between the slum she lives in and the shiny glass complex where she works as a toilet cleaner. Through fifteen linked stories Bangalore Calling explores the social costs of outsourcing a€“ the erosion of cultures, the displacement of vernacular languages and accents a€“ in a world that's not yet flat.The tables, sparkling with Diwali lights, were dressed in pleated whites with purple orchids pinned like brooches. Yes ... Barking dogs, crying children, wailing women, sordid sounds refracted by streaming traffic. It was 5:00 a.m. ... The steel clip was bent, the edge scratched, she must have worked for a few months at least.

Title:Bangalore Calling
Author:Brinda Shekhar
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-08-07


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