Bare Facts and Naked Truths

Bare Facts and Naked Truths

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qThis accessibly written book surveys all of the major competing theories of truth (coherence, pragmatic, redundancy, semantic, deflationary, disquotational, minimalist) before formulating the new defence of the correspondence theory and then exploring the consequences of the theory for issues in epistemology and ontology. The book concludes by showing how the idea of 'propositional depth' can be used to dissolve the Liar paradoxes.q--BOOK JACKET.As with vacuous terms in general, there is no instantiation so no correspondence - no truth-maker, no fact. As C.I. Lewis wrote (using a different ... is true or false) at all. Consider a semantic diagram for a senseless sentence, aquot;s.aquot; expr. sign. den.

Title:Bare Facts and Naked Truths
Author:George Englebretsen
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2006


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