Basic Chemistry Concepts and Exercises

Basic Chemistry Concepts and Exercises

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Chemistry can be a daunting subject for the uninitiated, and all too often, introductory textbooks do little to make students feel at ease with the complex subject matter. Basic Chemistry Concepts and Exercises brings the wisdom of John Kenkela€™s more than 35 years of teaching experience to communicate the fundamentals of chemistry in a practical, down-to-earth manner. Using conversational language and logically assembled graphics, the book concisely introduces each topic without overwhelming students with unnecessary detail. Example problems and end-of-chapter questions emphasize repetition of concepts, preparing students to become adept at the basics before they progress to an advanced general chemistry course. Enhanced with visualization techniques such as the first chaptera€™s mythical microscope, the book clarifies challenging, abstract ideas and stimulates curiosity into what can otherwise be an overwhelming topic. Topics discussed in this reader-friendly text include: Properties and structure of matter Atoms, molecules, and compounds The Periodic Table Atomic weight, formula weights, and moles Gases and solutions Chemical equilibrium Acids, bases, and pH Organic chemicals The appendix contains answers to the homework exercises so students can check their work and receive instant feedback as to whether they have adequately grasped the concepts before moving on to the next section. Designed to help students embrace chemistry not with trepidation, but with confidence, this solid preparatory text forms a firm foundation for more advanced chemistry training.Table 2.2 (Continued) Rules for Determining the Significant Figures in Answers to Calculations 5. Conversion factors that are exact numbers have an infinite number of sig figs. Example: There ... these unit conversion problems . Notice in thisanbsp;...

Title:Basic Chemistry Concepts and Exercises
Author:John Kenkel
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-07-08


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