Battlefield - Battlefield 2

Battlefield - Battlefield 2

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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 102. Chapters: Battlefield 2 commander resources, Features of Battlefield 2, Gadgets of Battlefield 2, Maps of Battlefield 2, Weapons of Battlefield 2, Anti-Tank, Assault, Clan HQ, Engineer, Gas Mask, Medic, Non-Player Characters, Sniper, Special Forces, Support, Artillery, Supply Drop, UAV, Vehicle drop, Battlefield 2, Commander view, Commo rose, Destruction, Friendly fire, Prone, Refractor, Score, Spotting, Squad, Gas Mask, LP7, Battlefield 2, Dalian Plant, Daqing Oilfields, Devil's Perch, Dragon Valley, FuShe Pass, Great Wall, Gulf of Oman, Hingan Hills, Iron Gator, Kubra Dam, Leviathan, Mashtuur City, Mass Destruction, Midnight Sun, Night Flight, Operation Blue Pearl, Operation Clean Sweep, Operation Harvest, Operation Road Rage, Operation Smoke Screen, Road to Jalalabad, Sharqi Peninsula, Songhua Stalemate, Strike at Karkand, Taraba Quarry, Wake Island 2007, Warlord, Zatar Wetlands, AG-36, AK-101, AK-47, AKS-74u, All Kit Weapon, Anti-tank mine, Benelli M4, C4, Claymore, Coaxial machine gun, DAO-12, Defibrillator, ERYX, F2000, FAMAS, Flashbang, G3, G36C, G36E, G36K, GL1, GP-25, GP-30, Grappling Hook, Hand Grenade, HK21, HK53A3, Knife, L85, L96A1, M11-87, M16, M203, M24, M249, M2 Browning, M4 Carbine, M82, M9, M95, MG36, MK3A1, MP5, MP7, MR-444, NOR982, P90, Parachute, PKM, PP-19, QBB-95, QBU-88, QBZ-97, QSZ-92, RPG-7, RPK, Saiga, SCAR-H, SCAR-L, Smoke Grenade, SRAW, SVD, Type 85, Type 85 HMG, Wrench, Zip Line. Excerpt: The Anti-Tank Kit is one of seven usable kits in the game Battlefield 2. It packs the biggest single punch of any hand-held weapon in the game. An AT soldier's main role is to destroy armored vehicles such as Tanks from long range. The anti-tank missile packs the biggest single punch of any hand-held weapon. You can even guide your missile after firing by repositioning your viewfinders crosshair while the missile is in the air. This comes in handy not only for tracking a moving target but also...This book consists of articles from Wikia.

Title:Battlefield - Battlefield 2
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2011-11-05


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