Be Still

Be Still

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From the Tea Party to the Occupy Movement to the Arab Spring, we live in a day where economic failure, rage and tragedy are common place. How do we survive all of this chaos and confusion? How do we find a real relationship with God when we live in a frantic, high paced, topsy-turvy world? Psalm 46 describes a time that is amazingly similar to our own time. The Psalm was written during a time of catastrophes. He describes earthquakes, landslides, floods, economic failure, kingdoms collapsing, and the people raging. It is during these times that we have the greatest opportunities to know God. This is when we need Him the most and when most are too busy to take the time. God comes to us and says, qDon't fear, have faithq? He doesn't remove these problems from our lives. He doesn't wave a magic wand to eliminate all the chaos and catastrophes from your life. God does, however, give you a coping mechanism. It is called faith. There are eleven verses in Psalm 46. In ten of these verses the psalmist is speaking about God; in only one verse is God speaking to the psalmist. The psalmist spends a lot of time crying to God about the problems of his life and in the world around him. This is something we are all familiar with. We do the same thing. What we need to see is what God said to the psalmist - and to us!On some of the newer luxury models the aquot;key-fobaquot; will not only unlock the car doors, but start the engine and turn the heat or AC on before ... While I dona#39;t have the remote start and climate control features on my car, I do have the keyless entry.

Title:Be Still
Author:Jon Lands - 2013-07-05


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