Becoming a Superhero

Becoming a Superhero

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Becoming a Superhero is the true story of Oliver Galang. Oliver is a nerd growing up. He wants to become a superhero because he wants to save the world. He also thinks that if he saves the world all the bullies will respect him. Unfortunately, Oliver becomes mixed up in a life of gambling, card counting, and women. Although this book addresses a very serious subject (addiction), it is humorous. From his adventures from Portugal to Panama, Oliver talks about his life as a military brat. He also talks about being raised by immigrant parents. He talks about his desire to become a superhero. He even purchases a $500 Batman costume! He has hopes of wearing it one day while he performs heroic acts; then he meets a psychologist who pulls him from his fantasy world into the real world. This is at the ripe age of 35! This is an entertaining book. It also has received some great unbiased reviews on and The story explains how a normal person like Oliver gets mixed up in a life of gambling and addiction. And more importantly, it shows how he gets out of that life...even if that reason involves a childhood dream of becoming a superhero.I laughed, a€œOkay, give it to my girlfriend then.a€ a€œWhat does she want?a€ I said, a€œI dunno...can you give her gift cards or something?a€ She said, a€œOf course.a€ The next thing you know, she gives my ex- girlfriend $2, 000 worth of American Express giftanbsp;...

Title:Becoming a Superhero
Author:Oliver Galang
Publisher:Oliver Galang - 2012-10-04


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