Beginners Guide to Vedic Astrology

Beginners Guide to Vedic Astrology

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It is said that everything is written even before the birth of the child. His destiny is written and we are but a puppet in hands of God. God has made this universe indeed and set rules that we may not know fully because God alone is the all knowing. He in all probability has millions of rules and laws such as law of gravitation, vaastu, fengshui, Chinese astrology, vedic astrology, numerology, dowsing and not denying some sciences that we developed like Chemistry, Physics. God has set a path to run this world and these hidden knowledge were discovered only when God allowed. This book teaches basics of understanding one of many rules and laws which we term as Vedic Astrology.Astrologers started there research with assumption that1st house corresponds to 1st sign that is Aries, 2nd house ... Once we have understandingof what it represents, wecan use that knowledge for prediction and understanding what destinyanbsp;...

Title:Beginners Guide to Vedic Astrology
Author:Fahad Khan
Publisher:Booktango - 2015-02-12


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