Beginning Database-Driven Application Development in Java EE

Beginning Database-Driven Application Development in Java EE

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Beginning Database-Driven Application Development in Javaa„c EE: Using GlassFisha„c focuses on the open source GlassFish persistence engine. This book shows Java programmers how to develop applications utilizing relational database technologies with examples using Oracle and MySQL and the GlassFish application development framework and deployment platform all based on Java EE. The book explains in detail how you can organize your Java EE solution into a multilayer architecture, placing most emphasis on how to implement the persistence and database tiers of an application. Through many examples, this book shows how you can efficiently use the Java Persistence features available in the Java EE platform. Find out how you can greatly simplify the task of building the persistence layer of your Java EE application by moving some application logic into the underlying database, utilizing database views, stored programs, and triggers. The book also explains how to deploy Java EE applications to GlassFish, a free, open source Java EE 5a€“compliant application server. What youa€™ll learn Use the GlassFish persistence layer in conjunction with GlassFish Java EE application server. Organize the database and persistence tiers of a Java EE application and utilize MySQL or Oracle database applications when building the database tier. Work with EJB 3 JPA object/relational mapping features, plug JPA into Java EE transactional environment, and implement persistence with the EJB 3 EntityManager. Integrate and use JSF (weba€“tier) using GlassFish JSF Framework (Scales) and other JSF tools/frameworks. Deploy applications to GlassFish Application Server. Who this book is for The book is appropriate for Java developers who want to learn how to develop Java EE applications interacting with a relational database via the Java Persistence API (JPA) and then deploy them to the open source GlassFish Application Server.In GlassFish, installing the IDBC driver for your database is very straightforward. All you ... You might also be interested in looking at the a€œMySQL Connector/Ia€ section in the a€œConnectorsa€ chapter of the MySQL Reference Manual. If you dona#39;t anbsp;...

Title:Beginning Database-Driven Application Development in Java EE
Author:Yuli Vasiliev
Publisher:Apress - 2008-09-23


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