Beginning iOS 6 Games Development

Beginning iOS 6 Games Development

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Game apps on iPhone and now The New iPad remain one of the most popular type of apps in the Apple iTunes App Store. Does Angry Birds ring a bell? Now, you can learn to build game apps for the iPhone 5 and The New iPad using the new iOS 6 SDK. Beginning iOS 6 Games Development provides a clear path for you to learn and create iPhone and iPad game apps using the iOS 6 SDK platform. You'll learn how to use the core classes to create rich and dynamic games apps, including graphics, animations, and sound. The latest version of Xcode 4.5 will be used in parts of the book to guide you along the way of building your iPhone or iPad game apps. Other topics include iOS 6 game apps development with the newest iOS Game Center update, persisting user data, and designing a compelling user experience. After reading this book, you'll come away with the skills and techniques for building a game app, top to bottom, that could perhaps even be sold on the Apple iTunes App Store. *** NOTE: This book is an update of Beginning iOS 5 Games Development (ISBN-13: 978-1430237105) and Beginning iPhone Games Development (ISBN-10: 1430225998). What youa€™ll learn What to learn and how to build iPhone and iPad game apps using iOS 6 SDK How to use UIViews to display game assets How to leverage Core Animation to simplify animations How to create frame-by-frame animations for action games How to play sound using media classes How to integrate with Game Center and other social media services How to use Core Data to persist game state Who this book is for This book is for new iPhone and iPad app developers who want to create game apps, using the iOS SDK. A basic understanding of Xcode and Objective-C is assumed. Table of Contents1. A Simple First Game 2. Setting Up Your Game Project 3. Explore the Game Application Lifecycle 4. Quickly Build an Input-Driven Game 5. Quickly Build a Frame-byFrame Game 6. Create Your Characters: Game Engine, Image Actors, and Behaviors 7. Build Your Game: Vector Actors and Particles 8. Build Your Game: Understanding Gestures and Movements 9. Game Center and Social Media 10. Monetizing via the Apple App Store 11. Add Sound to your Game 12. A Completed Game: Belt Commander 13. Physics! 14. Appendix A: Designing and Creating GraphicsMaybe in this case it doesna#39;t matter too much, but it seems to me that if you are going to spend the time (and money) to create high-quality art, it is worth going the extra mile and preventing this ... In this section, we will take an example game that runs on both the iPad and both versions of the iPhone, and figure out the best sizes for images used in that game. ... The second rectangle from the left shows the size of the iPhone 4, which has four times as many pixels as the iPhone 3GS.

Title:Beginning iOS 6 Games Development
Author:Lucas Jordan
Publisher:Apress - 2012-11-28


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