Beginning iPhone Games Development

Beginning iPhone Games Development

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iPhone games are hot! Just look at the numbers. Games make up over 25 percent of total apps and over 70 percent of the most popular apps. Surprised? Of course not! Most of us have filled our iPhone or iPod touch with games, and many of us hope to develop the next best-selling, most talked-about game. Youa€™ve probably already read and mastered Beginning iPhone 3 Development; Exploring the iPhone SDK, the best-selling second edition of Apressa€™s highly acclaimed introduction to the iPhone and iPod touch by developers Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche. This book is the game-specific equivalent, providing you with the same easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach, more deep technical insights, and that familiar friendly style. While games are all about fun, at the same time, theya€™re serious business. With this Beginning iPhone Games Development book, youa€™re going to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with some hardcore coding. While you may have written games before, this book will take you further, immersing you in the following topics: Game graphics and animation with UIKit, Quartz, Core Animation, and OpenGL ES Game audio with OpenAL, MediaPlayer Framework, AV Foundation, and AudioSession Game networking with GameKit, Bonjour, and Internet sharing For those looking for iPad game development coverage and/or iOS 5 SDK specific game coverage, check out the published Beginning iOS 5 Games Development by Lucas Jordan from Apress. What youa€™ll learn Efficient methods for drawing in 2D and 3D to the iPhone screen Game-specific animation techniques with Core Animation To use OpenGL ES for more complex and realistic gaming backgrounds and action Numerous ways to add music to enhance the gaming experience How to give your users access to their iPhone libraries from within games The tools and techniques of 3D audio for creating even more realistic gaming experiences How to do networking right, including two-player games over Bluetooth and multiplayer games over Wi-Fi Who this book is for All game developers who desire to create iPhone and/or iPod touch games. Table of Contents A Revolutionary Gaming Platform Games for Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere Developing iPhone Games Peeking Inside the iPhone Toolbox Moving Images on a Small Screena€”UIKit Controls She Shoots, She Hits, She Scores! Flipping Out and Sweeping Away with Core Animation OpenGL Basics: Wrapping Your Head Around the OpenGL AP Putting It Together: Making a Game in OpenGL The Next Steps: Atlases, Sprites, and Particlesa€”Oh My Introduction to Core Audio Making Noise with OpenAL 3D Audioa€”Turning Noise into Game Sound Streaming: Thumping, Pulse-Quickening Game Excitement Networking for iPhone Games: Introductio Going Head to Head Party Time Connecting with the Outside World Putting It All Together: Now Comes the Fun PartExternal.pdf In addition, the word on the Internet is that the iPhone 3GS sees significant performance gains using VBOs, so the time to start looking at VBOs is now. But the real reason I used VBOs was for educational purposes. Many ... Since most people use OpenGL for performance, I felt it was worth the extra steps to demonstrate VBOs. ... This will give you a sense of two things: how much we are reusing the data and how long it takes us to fill our OpenAL buffer (see Figure 12a€“14).

Title:Beginning iPhone Games Development
Author:PJ Cabrera, Peter Bakhirev, Ian Marsh, Ben Smith, Eric Wing, Scott Penberthy
Publisher:Apress - 2010-05-14


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