Beginning Python Games Development, Second Edition

Beginning Python Games Development, Second Edition

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Beginning Python Games Development, Second Edition teaches you how to create compelling games using Python and the PyGame games development library. It will teach you how to create visuals, do event handling, create 3D games, add media elements, and integrate OpenGL into your Python game. In this update to the first ever book to cover the popular open source PyGame games development library, you'll stand to gain valuable technical insights and follow along with the creation of a real-world, freely downloadable video game. Written by industry veterans and Python experts Will McGugan and Harrison Kinsley, this is a comprehensive, practical introduction to games development in Python. You can also capitalize upon numerous tips and tricks the authors have accumulated over their careers creating games for some of the world's largest game developers. What youa€™ll learn How to use PyGame with Python for game development How to create visuals; do event handling; and more How to do 3D game development using Python How to add media elements How to create visually dynamic backgrounds by integrating some OpenGL and more into your Python-based game How to build a game project step by step Who this book is for This book is for Python coders wanting to learn how to build their first games. Game developers who may be new to Python and PyGame can use this book; a Python primer is included. Table of Contents 1. Introducing Python 2. Exploring Python 3. Introducing Pygame 4. Creating Visuals 5. Making Things Move 6. Accepting User Input 7. Take Me to Your Leader 8. Moving into the Third Dimension 9. Exploring the Third Dimension 10. Making Things Go Boom 11. Lights, Camera, Action! 12. Setting the Scene with OpenGL Appendix A: Game Object Reference Appendix B: Packaging Your GameIf you have taken a photo with a digital camera or drawn it with some graphics software, then it probably wona#39;t have an ... This may produce the best results for a slick-looking game, but you can do a lot with the manual alpha channel technique.

Title:Beginning Python Games Development, Second Edition
Author:Will McGugan, Harrison Kinsley
Publisher:Apress - 2015-06-23


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