Behind Every Good Decision

Behind Every Good Decision

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There is a costly misconception in business todaya€”that the only data that matters is BIG data, and that complex tools and data scientists are required to extract any practical information. Nothing could be further from the truth. In Behind Every Good Decision, authors and analytics experts Piyanka Jain and Puneet Sharma demonstrate how professionals at any level can take the information at their disposal and leverage it to make better decisions. The authorsa€™ streamlined frame work demystifies the process of business analytics and helps anyone move from data to decisions in just five stepsa€busing only Excel as a tool. Readers will learn how to: Clarify the business question a€c Lay out a hypothesis-driven plan a€c Pull relevant data a€c Convert it to insights a€c Make decisions that make an impact Packed with examples and exercises, this refreshingly accessible book explains the four fundamental analytic techniques that can help solve a surprising 80% of all business problems. Business analytics isna€™t rocket sciencea€”ita€™s a simple problem-solving tool that can help companies increase revenue, decrease costs, improve products, and delight customers. And who doesna€™t want to do that?Mark thinks that the density of elementary schools would be different in suburban parts of the Bay Area as compared to urban parts. So, he breaks the problem into suburban and urban segments, which will likely have different assumptionsanbsp;...

Title:Behind Every Good Decision
Author:Piyanka Jain, Puneet Sharma
Publisher:AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn - 2014-11-05


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